Letter FL6_001

Blankenhorn letter from the S. S. Orduna

Marion A. Blankenhorn papers, 1916-1918, Box 1, Folder 6
S.S. Orduna
The journey has been perfect – expert on journeys say every minute has been perfect. I was seasick on two different

days but simply staid horizontal inmy beth in perfect comfort. Ididnt scrub any decks and I got well just the same.

In a few days I’m sure I’ll forget that there is such a thing as sea-sicknesss. As to U-boats we really didnt worry

any about them. This boat has made many regular trips thru the zone and the crew go about their precautionary

measures so thoroly that U-boats are quite robbed of their interest even granting thatwe should meet one. And

furthermore they dodge so artfully that U-boats look pretty small. Now, of course, now we have almost one foot on

land and can look out any time and see land — Ireland they call it – but I dont see how it can all be Irealnd -its

all around.
The trip, otherwise delightful, has been no picnic. We have all been quite busy. I, drilling soldiers and lecturing

to them on anatomy at various and sundry times. We had a parade on deck this A. M. and the Major said we will look like

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