Your situation.

Your Situation
undoubtedly know that you are being
separated from the service because you have
a type of “psychoneurosis.” You may not
know much about what psychoneurosis really
means or what chance there is that it will
have any effect on your futur.e.
This booklet is to help you understand
these things better. You can’t solve all
your problems by reading a book, but it is
hoped that when you’ve read this one you
will have a clearer understanding of your
situation and will realize that what happens
to you in the future will depend, to a large
extent, on your own efforts and your attitude.
That last point is very important. It applies,
more or less, to any soldier who is being
separated from the service for almost any
reason. This booklet will be valuable to
you if it helps you to recognize your problem
without being scared by it and to know and
understand that it can be solved.
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