Handwritten page of a book with a heading: biting of mad dogs.

Mr. Bave for ye biting of mad dogs

Take six ounces of rue clean picked & bruised in a morter, 4 ounces of garlick picked and bruised, 4 ounces of Methredate or venice treakle, four spoonfulls of scraped tin or ye best olde pewter filed, boyle there in 2 quarts of ale for one hour in a pot close covered over a gentle fire then strain out ye dregs & give of the decoction 8 or 9 spoonfulls warm to a man fasting for 3 mornings together, give it cold to any beast 3 or 4 spoonfulls for 3 or 4 mornings following it must be given to a hog, dog, or sheep within 9 days after biting. It never fail’d any man or beast.

As approvd [approved] by him

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