The Lay of the Lonesome Lung – 101229593_p02

An illustrated poem depicts a man arguing with doctors in silhouette.

A saddened man was Bung,
Although a prosperous and wealthy one;
He only had one lung,
And that, alas, was not a healthy one:
But this condition was, remember, ere he
Had taken Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry.

He hated all M. D.’s,
And positively wouldn’t hear of ’em:
I think he grudged their fees;
He swore ’twas ’cause he stood in fear of ’em
And if he hated doctors, think how very
Opposed he was to Balsam of Wild Cherry.

“ To foreign parts I’ll fly,”
Said Bung, “ no sort of use resisting me;
If die I must, why I
Can do so without your assisting me.
So find some other chap to drug and blister;
I’m off,” said he. “You are,” said Dr. Wistar,

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