To make whipped Syllabubs

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T£e Complete Housewife.
cream ; grate off the yellow rind of your three lemons, and puf
that in ; fqueeze the juice of the three lemons into your wine,
and put that to your cream, then beat all together with a whifle
juft half an hour ; then take it up all together with a fpoon, and
fill your glaffes ; it will keep good nine or ten days, and is beft
three or four days old ; thefe are called The Everlafting Syllabubs.
To make Lemon Syllabubs.
TAKE a quart of cream, half a pound of fugar, a pint of
white wine, the juice of two or three lemons, the peel of one
grated ; mix all thefe, and put them in an earthen pot, and
milk it up as faft as you can till it is thick, then pour it in your
glaffes, and let them ftand five or fix hours ; you may make
them over night.
To make whipped Syllabubs.
TAKE a quart of cream, not too thick, a pint of fack,
and the juice of two lemons j fweeten it to your palate, put it
into a broad earthen pan, and with a whifk whip it; as the froth
rife§, take it off with a fpoon, and lay it in yotff fyllabub-glaf-
fes ; but firft you mutt fweeten fome claret, fack, or white wine,
and ftrain it, and put feven or eight fpoonfuls of the Wipe into
your glaffes, and then gently lay in your froth. Set them by.
Do not make them long before you ufc them.
King William’s Poflet.
TAKE a quart of cream, and mix it with a pint of ale,
then beat the yolks of ten eggs, and the whites of four; when
they are well beaten, put them to the cream and ale ; fweeten
it to your tafte, and flice fome nutmeg in it; fet ft over the
fire, and keep it flirting all the while; when it is chick, and
before it boils, take it oft, and pour it into the bafon you ferve
it in to the table.
Lord CarliOe’s Amber PofTet.
TAKE three pints of cream to ten eggs, take away five of
the whites, beat them very well, and when your cream boils
put in as much fugar as will feafon it; let it diffolve, then take
it off the fire, and takeout fome of your cream, hot as it is,
and beat with your eggs; then ftir them together all the while
they are upon the fire, and when they grow thick, take them
off a little. While this is doing, you mull have a quarter of a
pint of fack on the fire, with a little amber fugar, which muft
be very hot; then pour in your cream, flirting it as you pour
it, and cover it with a hot dilh for a little while; then take rt
off the fire, and fite w ©n amber sugar,

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