To make very fine Syllabubs

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To make Hart’s-horn or Calves-feet Jelly without
TAKE a pair of calves-feet, boil them with fix quarts of
fair water to math; it will make three quarts of jelly; then
ftrain it off, and let it ftand ftill till it is cold, take off the top;
and lave the middle, and melt it again and fkim it; then take fut
whites of eggs beaten to a froth; half a pint of Rhenifh wine;
and one lemon juiced, and half a pound of fine powdered lugar 5
ftir all together, and let it boil, then take it off, and put to if
as much fpirit of vitriol as will iliarpen it to your palate, about
one penny-worth will do; let it not boil after the vitriol is In |
let your jelly-bag be made of thick flannel, then run it through
till it is very clear; you may put the whites of the eggs that fwim
at the top into the bag firft, and that will thicken the bag.
To make Hart’s-horn Jelly.
TAKE a large gallipot, and fill it with harfs-horn; and
then fill it full with fpring-water, and tie a double paper over
the gallipot, and fet it in a baker’s oven with houfhold bread j
in the morning take it out, run it through a jelly-bag, feafbrt
with juice of lemons, double refined fugar, and the whites of
eight eggs well beaten ; let it have a boil; and run it through
the jelly-bag again into your jelly- glalles; put a bit of lemon-
peel in the bag.
To make Calves-feet Jelly*
TO four calves-feet, take a gallon of fair water, cUt them jft
pieces, put them in a pipkin clofe covered, and boil them fofily
till aimed half be confumed ; and run it through a fieve, and
let it Hand till it is cold ; then with a knife take off the fat,
and top and bottom, and the fine part of the jelly melt in a pre-
ferving-pan or fklllet, and put in a pint of Rhenifh wine, the
Jmce of four or five lemons, double refined fugar to your tafle*
the whites of eight eggs beaten to a froth ; ffir and boil all
thefe together near half an hour ; then drain it through a fieve
into a jelly-bag; put into your jelly-bag a fprig of rofematy, and
a piece of lemon-peel ; pals it through the bag till it is as dear
as water. You may cut fome lemon peel like threads, and put
in half the glaffes.
To make very fine Syllabubs*
TA K E a quart and half a pint of cream, a pint of Rbe-
nifh, half a pint of lack., three lemons, and near a pound of
double refined fugar j beat and fift the sugar? and put it to youf

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