Solid Syllabub

Page 269 of Family receipts, or Practical guide for the husbandman and housewife.


glass with red wine, then lay the froth as high
as possible, but take care that it is well drain-
ed in the sieve, otherwise it will mix with the
Wine, andjthe syllabub be spoiled.
To a quart of rich cream put a quart of white
wine, the juice of two lemons, with the rind of
one grated, and sweeten it to taste. Whip it up
well and take off the froth as it rises. Put it
upon a hair sieve, and let it stand in a cool
place till the next day. Then half fill the
glasses with the scum, and heap up the froth
as high as possible. The bottom will look
clear and if will keep several days.

Pare and take out the cores of five large
baking apples, and fill the i holes with orange
or quince marmalade. Then take some good
hot paste, roll the apples in it, and make the
crust of equfri thickness; put them in a tin
dripping pan, bake them in a moderate oven,
and when taken out, make iceing for them;
let the same be a quarter of an inch thicfe,
and set them a good distance from the fire
until they become hardened, but be cautious
that they are not browned.

Mix the whites of eight eggs, a^ quart of
thick cream, and half a pint, of sack, sweeten

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