To make a Syllabub under the cow

Page 208 of The experienced English housekeeper.

and fugar to your tafte, whip it up very well,
and take off the froth as it rifes, put it upon a
hair-fieve, and let it Hand till the next day in a
cool place, fill your glaffes better than half full
with the thin, then put on the froth, and heap
it as high as you can; the bottom will look clear,
and keep feveral days.
the experienced
To make Whip Syllabubs.
TAKE a pint of thin cream, rub a lump of
loaf-fugar ontheoutfideof thelemon,andfweeten
it to your tafte, then put in the juice of a lemon,
and a glafs of Madeira wine, or French brandy,
mill it to a froth with a chocolate-mill, and take
it off as it rifes, and lay it upon a hair-fieve, then
Ell one-half of your poffet-glaffes a little more
than half full with white wine, and the other half
of your glaffes a little more than half full of red
wine, then lay on your froth as high as you can,
but obferve that it is well drained on your fieve,
or it will mix with your wine, and fpoil your
To make a Syllabub under the Cow.
PUT a bottle of ftrong-beer and a pint of
cyder into a punch-bowl, grate in a fnull nut-
meg, and fweeten it to your tafte ; then milk as
much milk from the cow as will make a ftrong
froth, and the ale look clear, let it ftand an hour,
and ftrew over it a few currans, well wafhed,
picked, and plumped before the fire, and fend it
to the table.

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