Cassedy Letter Page 1

Page 1 of a letter on National Library of Medicine Letterhead.

February 23, 1983
The President
Marshfield Clinic
1000 North Oak Avenue
Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449
Dear Sir:
I welcome this opportunity to write on behalf of Dr. W. Bruce Fye.
Dr. Fye belongs to a rare species of physicians that deserve all of
the support we can give. Like such eminent predecessors as Drs.
William H. Welch, William Osler, Harvey Cushing, Orwen Wangensteen, and
George Corner, Fye is dedicated not only to the pursuit and advancement
of medical science in itself but to the pursuit and study of medical
history as a means of putting current practice and research into perspective, of giving it the fu1l weight of moral, social, and humanistic
The last generation of distinguished physicians–Owsei Temkin, SauI
Jarcho, Lester King, Lloyd Stevenson and others–who led in transforming
medical history in the united states from a largely antiquarian pursuit
of poorly informed amateurs to a highly respectable academic discipline
has now mostly retired or died. It is today, therefore, a matter of
the greatest urgency that the field of medical history be assured of
having proper replacements–of there being competent and dedicated
young physicians available who can assume these leadership roles, both
locally and nationally. Dr. Fye is an outstanding example of the type
of per-son that is needed, individuals who have dual expertise*-commitments
both to clinical medicine and to historical study. He has excellent
formal training in medical history. He has earned the respect of his
peers for services rendered on committees of the national medical history
societies. He is performing invaluable service to the field of medical
history through his teaching position at the University of Wisconsin’
and, despite limited time available for such activities, he has in a
relatively short time achieved an outstanding record of research and
publication in the field.

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