Brochure from Shelter Our Sisters, 1979

A blue paper trifold brochure for Shelter Our Sisiters.
S.O.S. ShelterOur Sisters, Inc.

2357 Lemoine Ave. Fort Lee, N.J. 07024
201 – 944-9600
Sandra Ramos
Executive Director

Public Education

One of the reasons that battering has flourished so well over the years, is that the ‘batterer’, often a loved one, is protected by family and shielded from public attention. Police and Courts were restricted in their efforts to deal with the problem because there was often no ‘proof’ or witnesses to the battering incident. The woman, herself, was made to feel guilty, that the battering incidents were her fault and provoked by her. Through our public presentations at colleges, churches, schools, hospitals, social service agencies, police academies, judi-cial meetings and even at the U.S. Senate Sub-Committee on Domestic Violence, we hope to change public prejudice against battered women and to remove barriers standing in the way of healthy family growth.

The Play:

The S.O.S. Feminist Theatre Group, an outgrowth of ex-battered women, volunteers and staff, was born out of a need to dramatize the desperate circumstances faced by the battered women and their children. Directed by Sara Donahue, a professor from Fairleigh Dickinson University, the group writes, arranges and produces its own unique material. When you see it you won’t clap. You will never be the same again.

Speaking Engagements or Play Performances can be arranged through a contact with Sandra Ramos

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