Father John’s Medicine Ad, ca. 1905

Without Morphine or Poisonous Drugs Father John's Medicine Cures Colds Makes Flesh and Strength.


Without morphine or poisonous drugs
Father John’s Medicine
cures Colds
Makes flesh and strength

Fifty years ago an eminent specialist prescribed Father John’s Medicine for the Rev. Fr. John O’Brien of Lowell, Mass., by whom it was recommended and from whom it derived its name. It is not a patent medicine and is free from opium, morphine or poisonous drugs or weakening stimulants in any form, such as the majority of patent preparations depend upon for their temporary effect, and which are dangerous—you are warned against them. It makes flesh and strength and builds up the body. Prevents pneumonia and consumption. Cures colds, bronchitis, asthma and all throat and lung troubles.


We have permission to refer to the Sisters Superior at the following Homes and Hospitals where Father John’s Medicine is in use: Sisters of Charity, St. John’s Hospital, Patricks’s Orphanage, Manchester, N. H.; St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Boston, Mass.; St. Joseph’s Home Sisters of Charity, Academy of the Assumption, Wellesley Hills, Mass.; House of the St. Martha, Manchester, N. H.; Hospital St. Vincent de Paul, Manchester, N. H.; Ursuline Convent, Waterville, Me.; St. Joseph’s Hospital New Bedford, Mass.; Asylum of St. Vincent de Paul, New York City; Sisters of Holy Cross, Nashua, N. H.; Sisters of St. Joseph, Philadelphia, Pa.; St. John’s Industrial School, Newton Highlands, Mass.; Sisters of Mercy, Meriden, Conn.; Sisters of the Holy Cross, St. Catherine’s Normal Institute, Baltimore, Md.; Sisters of Holy Cross, Dolan Aid Asylum, Baltimore, Md., and many others, the names of which we shall be pleased to furnish upon application.

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