Thirty-Nine Articles of Faith

A page of the pamphlet listing the 39 articles of faith of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Page 15
Thirty-Nine Articles of Faith of the Massachusetts Society P. C. A.
We believe it to be our duty
1. The beating of animals.
2. Overloading.
3. Overdriving.
4. Underfeeding.
5. Driving galled and disabled animals.
6. Tying calves and sheep’s legs
7. Cruelties on railroad stock trains
8. Overloading horse-cars.
9. Neglect of shelter for animals.
10. Plucking live fowls.
11. Dog fights.
12. Vivisection without anesthetics.
13. The use of tight check-reigns.
14. Bleeding calves.
15. Clipping dogs’ ears and tails.
16. Bagging gows.
17. Better roads and pavements.
18. Better methods of slaughtering.
19. Better methods of horseshoeing.
20. Improved cattle cars.
21. Drinking fountains
22. Better laws in every State.
23. Our paper in Sabbath Schools and among children.
24. Children to be humane.
25. Teachers to teach kinds to animals
26. Clergymen to preach it.
27. Authors to write it.
28. Editors to keep it before the people.
29. Drivers and trainers of horses to try kindness.
30. Owners of animals to feed regularly.
31. People to protect insectivorous birds.
32. Boys not to molest birds’ nests.
33. Men to take better care of stock.
34. Everybody not to sell their old family horses to owners of tip-carts.
35. People of other States to form societies.
36. Men to give money to forward the cause.
37. Ladies to interest themselves in the work.
38. People to appreciate the intelligence and virtues of animals.
39. And, generally, to make men, women and children better, because more humane.

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