July 3, 1860

A page from a diary hadwritten in pencil dated July 3.

[page 55]
3d moved at 5 crossed the Vermijo & travelled over a vast rolling plain of sand & gravel, covered sparsely with bunch grass & saw for the first time sings of civilization
sheep & jackasses & Mexican herders farther on cattle & horses – camped at noon 2 m below [ … ] ranch – where we got eggs butter chickens & mutton & corn at 5$
pr bushel – The country we passed thro was gravelly sandy & poor – Dist 23 m – 42 miles from Ft Union – beautiful moonlight nights delightful mornings & cool nights, got a bi-weekly Republican of June 5th which was eagerly read the first paper we
have seen for a month or more Camp near Rejado –

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