June 28-29, 1860

A page from a diary hadwritten in pencil dated June 29.

[page 49]
29th * Points around its body, bony substance a tail & very wide mouth, it is said it can kill the rattle snake by taking it by the back of the neck – a small shower this afternoon, Eve cool & blankets very comfortable.
29th moved at 6 & crossed the Picketwan at 10 12 m from Holes in Prairie, thence moved up its valley 9 m & camped where the road leads off to the left, into a canon, about 3 m or at the base of Fishers Peak & 4 or 5 m from the Pike Peak road West of it The valley is fr ½ to 1 m wide, hemed in with mountains. The stream runs like a mill
tail & at the crossing 2 ½ ft deep – The hills for 3 days past have been covered with cedar to-day at 12 we came into
the pinon species of pine, of short thick growth, grass very poor. cactus, Spanish bayonet in great abundance, I noticed a good many doves & yellow breasted & headed black birds. I saw the Indian signals thro the mts, a column of smoke answered answered
by another & we are on a sharp

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