June 28, 1860

A page from a diary hadwritten in pencil.

[page 48]
as far as I could see. The view was the grandest I ever saw. The mts on all sides & a plain say 20 or 30 m wide very gently rolling, stretching out to their base, – I could see streaks of white glistening in the morning Sun which was said to be snow around on Spanish Peak a cloud hung like a turban all morning – to day we [ … ] approached the
Raton mts, bearing in to the left of the Sp Pks, notice lime & sand stone but no bold bluffs as we kept thro the plains last was a beautiful night, cool enough for a blanket, & this morning the air was really delicious, saw a good many antelope& Rugar & I went out, but did not get nearer than 150 yds as the antelope were frightened by some soldiers shooting [prairie] dogs, Camp at 9 ½ o clock at “Holes in the Prairies.” Dist 16 m – Ricker saw Indians We are & have been for several past on the great Summer resort of the Arapahoes Comanches, Kiowas & Utes, our arrival here was signalled by a smoke in toward Fishers Peak
[written along right side of page 48]
This evening the frogs are singing the first I have heard for 10 or 12 days –
[written along the left side of page 48]
Bangs brot me a horned frog which looks like a single terrapin, it was of a brown color, varagated with white & yellow & had sharp *

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