October 12, 1860

Page of diary handwritten in pencil headed by the date October 12.

Page 27
12 I rose about 6 & by 7 had breakfast – The clouds hung heavy & the wind blew cold, in a little while we had a small snow storm on the Arkansas. I visited my patients & found one well the rest doing pretty well. I cut several loads of wood and dragged it to camp, built up a good fire with the help of dry “chips” & sat by it – took the snow flakes in a very “cool manner. Hines passed up on his way to the Big Timbers with a train I did not know him, he recognized me at once & we had a long friendly chat glad to see each other. he gave me a paper – told me Buff were very numerous – dined at 11 on Buff Tongue & Bean Soup – bread & coffee for dessert. The wind is in the South & it is warmer. I have a tack make of the end gate of our wagon braced up by Picket pins & a blanket to keep warm & soft – feet nearly in the fire & pipe in my mouth – Pike Peak “outfit” of 10 rickety wagons oxen & jackasses just passing East

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