A photo collage of feature images from Circulating Now.

Circulating Now…Full Circle

A photo collage of feature images from Circulating Now arranged in the shape of the number one.Today is Circulating Now’s one year anniversary!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success in sharing with the world the amazing, diverse, and inspiring historical collections of the world’s largest biomedical library:

  • Our committed staff, who collect, catalog, preserve, and interpret the collection
  • Our brilliant staff authors and guests
  • YOU! ~ our fabulous readers and followers

We’ve been thrilled by your enthusiastic response to our posts about the Nuremberg Chronicle, Andreas Vesalius and De Fabrica, Gene Kelly’s Combat Fatigue Irritability, Florence Nightingale, and our look back at NLM Librarians.

We’ve enjoyed bringing you great stories on President Garfield’s Assassination, 50 years of Smoking and Health, Chocolate Valentines, and The Magic in Mold and Dirt, as well as breaking news about recent acquisitions, exhibitions, research and discoveries in the collection.

If you’re new to Circulating Now, welcome! And whether you’re a first time visitor or one of our growing community of followers, we invite you to stay tuned for another great year.





  1. Circulating Now has been a real service to the profession and general reading public. Thank you so much for all your work and congrats on the first year! May there be many more!

  2. Congratulations on your first year! I have just “discovered” Circulating Now”, and I’m really enjoying it. I keep getting torn between wanting to read a post in-depth, vs exploring the range of articles available (such a conundrum!).

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