Letter to Mrs. Batch, Oct. 25, 1855, back

A handwritten letter signed Florence Nightingale

[back page, left]
he remembers perfectly well, being called in to him in the middle of the night, but when he reached him, he was quite unconscious. He remembers however, hearing that he had been seen pre-viously, earnestly in prayer. He also recollects hearing how much he was valued & beloved.
I fear that it is impossible now to recover

[back page, right]
any of the articles which were sold – as I have already made enquiries of the Purveyor to that effect.
I will open the Bale you speak of upon my return to Scutari & let you know its contents. I trust that we
shall not have the suffering to deplore this winter which we all witnessed last year. I beg to remain, dear Madam, with true sympathy for your great loss, yours faithfully
Florence Nightingale

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