Mike Gorman’s Lasker Award, Page 2

The second page of the Lasker award presented to Mike Gorman on May 1, 1948 includint the seal with ribbons of The National Vommitte for Mental HiGiene, Inc.

Lasker Foundation. “Lasker Award for Public Information Leading to Public Action, Presented through the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, to Mike Gorman of the Daily Oklahoman.” Award. 1 May 1948.
He has personally fostered the foundation of the only mental health clinic in Oklahoma. His journalistic efforts have resulted in new mental health legislation and greatly increased appropriations. His insight and clear interpretation or the professional viewpoint to the lay reader, and his untiring energy and relentless dedication to the cause or the mentally ill, have constituted an outstanding contribution to the advancement of mental health.
Signed Vice President Frank Fumont Smith and Secretary Mary Woodland Lasker
May 1, 1948

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