Page from Sarah Bernhardt’s medical records. Emanuel Libman papers, 1885-1988, Box 3, Folder 13. MS C 406.

A typed record of medical events for Sarah Bernhardt.

Emanuel Libman Papers. 1885-1988. Series II: General Correspondence, Bernhardt, Sarah, 1971-1992, Box 3, Folder 13. MS C 406.

Mme. Sarah Bernhardt.

April 14th, 1917: Cystoscopic examination by Dr. Buerger:
Large amount of pus washed out from left kidney.
April 16th, 1917: Leucocytes 14,400
Polys. 72%
S. L. 24
Mono. 2
Eosin. 2

April 17th, 1917: Operation: Incision was made into the kidney and six ounces of foul smelling pus obtained. Large irregular calculus in the pelvis, which was removed.
April 22nd, 1917: Since the operation the sweats have let up a great deal.
Hgb. 41%

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