Physician’s Letter to Dr. Libman about Sarah’s case.

A letter from one of Sarah Bernhardt's doctors to another advising about her condition.

Emanuel Libman Papers. 1885-1988. Series II: General Correspondence, Bernhardt, Sarah, 1971-1992, Box 3, Folder 13. MS C 406.

5 Juillet 22

My dear friend
I do not know where you live now but, if you could come in Belle-Fle (Morbihas) before sailing to America, I should be surely the happiest-man, and mostly Madam Sarah Bernholdt., the most-grateful patient. She is in very bad condition, since fifteen, after days, after an uremia crisis -: 1 gr – 21 of usea by litre of blood ___ constant of armband: 0,750 ___ notable acid of serum – She is believing of you, only and should be so happy to get your acute advice.
I hope you did not yet leave, and see you here in that island, far from everybody, and very anxious.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Marot-Sauzon
Belle-Fle Morbihas

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