Augusta’s Personal Copy

The title page of the Handbook for the Military Surgeion that belonged to Augusta.

Hand-book for the Military Surgeon: Being a Compendium of the duties of the medical officer in the field, the sanitary management of the camp, the preparation of food, etc.; with forms for the requisitions for supplies, returns, etc.; the diagnosis and treatment of camp dysentery; and all the importatnt points in War Surgery: including gunshot wounds, amputation, wounds of the chest, abdomen, arteries and head, and the use of chloroform. by Chas. S. Tripler, A.M., M.D, Surgeon United States Army and George C. Blackman, M.D., Professor of Surgery in the Medical College of Ohio, Surgeon to the Commercial Hospital, St. John’s Hospital, etc.
Third Edition,
Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co., Publishers, No. 55 West Fourth Street. 1862.
Stamped with the Surgeon General’s Office Library stamp and numbered 133044.

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