A printed ticket with blanks filled in promissing passage to New York for Biddy, Michael, and William Hannan.

William Graves & Son the Qyay, New Ross Passengers’ Contract Ticket
N.B. Any one receiving money from or in respect of any passenger about leaving the United Kingdom for any Place in North America, without taking this Form and effectively filling up the blanks therein, and signing it with his name in full, will be liable to a penalty not exceeding 10 pounds for each such passenger. Ship Dunbrody of 458 tons register burthen, to sale from New Ross for New York on the 18th day of March 1849. I engage that the parties herein named shall be provided with a steerage passage to New York in the ship Dunbrody with not less than 10 cubic feet for luggage for each statute adult, for the sum of seven pounds including head money if any at the place of landing and every other charge; and I here by acknowledge to have received the sum of [blank] in [blank] payment. Water and Provisions, according to the annexed scale will be supplied by the Ship as required by law, and also fires, and suitable hearths for cooking. Bedding and utensils for eating and drinking must be provided by the passengers. Signature William Graves, Date [blank]
Scale of Provisions and Water that will be supplied to each adult by the ship. 3lbs of biscuit; 3 and a half pounds in all of flour, oatmeal or rice, or a proportionate quantity of potatos, (5 pounds of potatos being computed as equal to 1 pound of the other articles enumerated) 3 quarts of water per day. All of this per week, issued not less often than twice a week. To be paid at [blank] before the 18 March 1849 or deposit forfeited to William Graves.
Not Transferable
Names Biddy Hannan (30yrs.) Michael Hannan (4 yrs.) William Hannan (2 yrs.)

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